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On behalf of the Hanseatic City Lübeck – Department for Environmental Protection – HYDROMOD examined the two lakes Krähen- and Mühlenteich located close to the city centre. This webpage aims at presenting the different works of HYDROMOD carried out within the Interreg-project "Lakes – Jewels in the Landscape" . It is part of the project homepage

Each surface water is unique, because no river and no lake is equal to others. This of course counts also for artificial and man made waters like reservoirs, communal lakes and ponds, river enlargements, harbour basins, channels or large public swimming pools. The geographical position, the incidence of light, the landscape and its orography cause specific, location depending conditions. Numerous factors (e.g. temperature, turbidity, sediment transport, the growth of algae, etc) continuously are changing the interaction between parameters and processes.
Public swimming bath in the Krähenteich

Factors like water quality, which are depending on these parameters, can be monitored – of course with limitations - by standardised measuring and sampling systems. But even the application of standard devices and systems demands for a continuous adjustment, to avoid misleading information which may result in severe failures with regard to recommendations and actions.

However, to gain high quality results concerning the actual state of the lakes and to produce secure hydrophysical forecasts about their future developments it is absolutely necessary to apply specifically adapted model systems. This especially is significant in cases when prog-nostic simulations on future modifications (e.g. to improve the environmental situation of the lakes) are carried out.

Modern model systems like “OPMOD-Lake” are able to reproduce nature in the computer. That’s why models are indispensable for the simulation of different scenarios or the optimisation of lake regulating measures. Their early application helps to save costs caused by unex-pected technical amendments. Prognostic simulation models provide the opportunity to study modifications and their effects virtually without any practical cost-effective actions.

Exactly such models and their successful application are belonging since decades to the major topics of HYDROMOD. Founded in 1987 the consulting company covers the fields of oceanography, hydrography, hydrology and limnology. HYDROMOD’s models are able to provide detailed information and prognoses with regard to water levels, currents, salinity and temperature as well as to processes like transport, mixing, dispersion, turbulence, sedimentation and erosion.

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