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The Basis. Our Approach.

HYDROMOD-Services: The Basis.

Every body of water is unique.

This seems to be obvious for natural bodies of water, as there is no brook or lake identical to another one. But this applies also to artificially created water bodies or those altered by man like reservoirs, community lakes, river deepenings, harbours, channels, or public bath arrangements.


The geographical position, the incidence of light, the surrounding landscape, determine location-specific features. Due to numerous factors (like temperature, sediment-transport, algae growing, suspended matter, etc.) the interaction of the different parameters is constantly changing.

Depending factors like e.g. the drinking water quality may - although limited - be supervised with standardized measure-units and continous sampling. Even with such standard programs all components have to be permanently adjusted to each other to avoid malfunction and possible serious negative consequences.

However, to obtain high-quality statements according to the actual conditions and predicted changes of a body of water, or even produce a scientifically sounded prognosis for planned interventions, it requires spezifically adjusted models.

For the simulation of different scenarios as well as for the optimization of regulating interventions are models essential. Their early use saves expensive efforts and finishing touches from the beginning on. Various adjustments and their effects can be directly tried out and optimized virtually - without real interventions - at computer generated models.

Exactly these models are successfully being implemented and used by HYDROMOD since many years ago for the most different tasks and applications. The scientific fundamentals are frequently further developed by integration of actual experiences from different projects.

HYDROMOD-Services: Our Approach.

Every body of water has to be handled in a unique way.

There are no pre-configured "standard solutions" from HYDROMOD for specific questions. Our highly qualified team welcomes every new task for a so far unknown body of water as a new challenge.

For HYDROMOD the term "consulting" stands for tailor-made service and not for simple combination of pre-factured modules or content-free "info-titbits"!


Our services are in each case adjusted customer-specific on the body of water in question or the indiviually demanded task. Possible solutions and proposals are developed with high personal commitment and in close coordination with the customer.

The technical conversion of the collected data will be done by modern computer equipment for the realization of expressive models and water simulations under various conditions following the customer's predicitions.

An important aspect of HYDROMOD's philosophy is the attention to stay always in line with the quickly progressive development in our business branch.

This does not only mean a frequently inhouse qualifying of our team members but also the active participation of the company in interesting national and international research and development projects.

Especially the exchange of experiences from numerous, very different projects is regarded as a positive challenge from the HYDROMOD team.

Every body of water is unique. Our services base on this.

HYDROMOD: Water-Expertise out of one hand.

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