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Brief Profile

HYDROMOD consulting, founded in 1987, is active in the field of hydro-geophysics and aquatic environments and specialising in applied oceanography, limnology, hydrology, and hydrography.

Hydromod Model Numerical modelling of coastal, estuarine, and inland waters are some of HYDROMOD’s key activities.

The company has developed and verified one-, two-, and three-dimensional models which are routinely applied to simulate and forecast, for example, circulation patterns, dispersion of a variety of substances, and turbulent processes.

With fully operational now and forecast modelling systems, which can be inter-connected with monitoring networks, HYDROMOD is on the leading edge of technology. These systems can provide continuous information to be utilised in a wide range of applications in operation, supervision, and control.

Furthermore, HYDROMOD offers expertise and experience in a range of applied activities, for instance, in risk, hazard, and EIA studies. HYDROMOD expertise is also used to support research and development projects, or within its own and contracted RTD activities.

As co-ordinator of and partner or contractor in EUREKA, European Commission and national research and development projects, HYDROMOD is well positioned and recognised in European and national frameworks and programmes in applied marine and aquatic environmental research.

Support in project-, data-, and information-management, as well as in system and instrumentation development, are other sectors in which HYDROMOD provides competent services.

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